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Who’s Really the Customer?

Who’s the customer for Google’s products – before you answer, take a moment to think how much you’re paying right now for Email Spreadsheets* Calendaring Phone Calls Not really much at all, thanks to Google, and just a few of its many products. So if you’re not the customer, then who is? Why does Google […]

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Organizing and Targeting Web Content

Whenever I work with clients on revising their web sites, and the conversation goes to the reorganization of their content, I’m struck by the disparity of focus. A Typical Breakdown Many clients exclusively focus on reorganizing their sites around internal company divisions. However the company flow chart is structured, that’s pretty much how the web […]

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Agency Work as Long-Term Farming

Will Shipley wrote a great piece drawing parallels between farming vs. mining approach to running a software company. Farming is long, slow, labor-intensive, and expensive work, with little immediate reward. Mining requires a one-time stripping & razing of the land to pull everything of worth from it, and move on. The issue he points to […]

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