A selection of recent speaking appearances.

FitBots OKRs

Discussing how OKRs work in a Legacy Enterprise with FitBots CEO Vidya Santhanam on the FitBots OKR podcast

Dreams with Deadlines

Outcomes are inherently client-centric, creative & strategic; Outputs are inherently internally-focused, analytical, & planning-focused
The client-centric strategy of Financial Wellness.
The full interview of Mike on the “Dreams with Deadlines” podcast with host Jenny Herald.

There Be Giants

Strategy and transparency as prerequisites for OKRs –
Full interview with Carly Clyne from the “There Be Giants” team below:

Enterprise Agility Mastery

In this edition of Enterprise Agility Mastery, I join Ian Banner and Matt Wolfe to discuss the benefits and strategies for becoming a life-long learner.