Ubiquiti – High-Level Business-to-Business Technology Rebranding

Ubiquiti offers unique solutions for massive parallel searches in large text databases, allowing companies to see patterns, detect early warnings, and make better decisions in industries ranging from automotive to healthcare, and manufacturing to trucking.

When I began my first discussions with Ubiquiti, they had a simple, basic site, featuring small blocks of text and clip art. Clearly a product of the tech/IT group, they were looking for something updated and more modern that would better represent them in their new business discussions.

Content Driven

Our early meetings focused on the need to reorganize the content in a way that would make sense to the target customer, rather than reflecting internal company divisions. We also spent considerable time analyzing content requirements, and getting revised text that would add interest and impact to each section.

Design discussions centered on creating a cleaner, more modern esthetic, with emphasis on conveying a business-like attitude, essentially the web equivalent of a gray suit and white shirt with a black tie.

To complete the design, we worked together to do photo research, looking for photos that telegraphed the appropriate visual support for each page of content.

Secure, Seamless Access with Approval

Additionally, the team wanted to give access to protected materials through a registration and login. Given that there were sensitive trade secrets, they wanted to make sure that they could control who signed up for the site, and offer approval of registering users before giving them access to protected content.

I worked with WordPress core contributor Jeff Farthing, who came up with additional functionality for his “Theme My Login” plugin, creating a very comprehensive and secure solution.

The resulting site has not only performed well for Ubiquiti, but I also trained them on maintaining and updating the content and images, and they have consistently updated the site while maintaining the new design integrity.


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