2 Things the Agile Manifesto Completely Missed that Legacy Enterprises Can Learn from the Product Manifesto

Since the Agile Manifesto’s creation 20 years ago, organizations now regularly spend billions to undergo Agile Transformations. But the despite these efforts, flawed logic underlying the Agile Manifesto continues to lead to a series of destructive preconceptions that affect teams, businesses, and users daily

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Three Ideas for Better Remote Daily Scrums

As an extrovert who grew up mostly in the New York City area, I’m highly attuned to sense and seize the tiniest microgap in any conversation. As a reformed command-and-control IT program director, I’ve striven in my roles as scrum master and Agile coach to allow my teams the space to step up, be more […]

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Will There Ever Be Enough Dev Cycles?

Instead of efficiently pushing out lists of features in isolation, product-driven teams are focused on the higher-level organizational vision

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